Stock Market Potential

The Investment Rate (ref: Thomas H. Kees Jr) is based on leading indicators and has an excellent historical track record.  It has been able to predict major Economic and Stock Market cycles with precision since 1900.  It predicted the Great Depression, the Stagflation period of the 1970’s, and the up-trends in between.

Nobody can predict with certainty what the market will be over years to come but if the Investment Rate theory is once again accurate, it suggests that the market will decline between 2012 and 2026.  In other words, someone with a “Buy and Hold” investment strategy would loose money over the next 14 years !!!

The Investment Rate has at least the merit of generating important questions on the viability of “Buy and Hold” suggested by many “Gurus” and should trigger the need to think about a mitigation strategy…

Disclaimer: For general information purposes only.


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