Supercharged Value and Growth Strategies

Passive index investing has received a lot of press coverage over the years and rightly so since, as we discussed in a previous post, most active fund managers don’t beat their corresponding index.

While investing in an index via an ETF is probably the best investment approach for individuals who want a decent return with minimal effort, the reality is that there are a number of investment strategies that have systematically produced much stronger results.

The American Association of Individual Investors has tested over 60 strategies since 1998.  Among the most successful strategies are the Piotroski which is value oriented and the O’Neils which has a growth focus.  As demonstrated in the graph below, investing in any of these strategies would have significantly outperform their respective value and growth index.  In fact, an initial investment of 10,000$ at the beginning of 1998 in any of these two strategies would have return over 240,000$ more as of today !!!

TQI Hyper Growth strategy combines the best of both world with some screening parameters inspired from Piotroski and the O’Neils criteria to filter winning stocks.

Disclaimer: For general information purposes only.


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