The small history of TQI

I’ve been managing my own investments for about 15 years.  Up to 2008, my portfolio strategy could have been qualified of “Buy and Hold” with few diversified asset classes (ETF).  After facing important losses when the market crashed in 2008 (-28%), I spent thousands of hours in search of a better investment strategy.  I reviewed close to a hundred empirical studies and backtested numerous investment approaches in order to develop a strategy that would provide superior return at reduced risks.  The result is the The QuantIndex (TQI) . 

The QuantIndex combines four “hedge fund like” investment strategies.  The name “QuantIndex” refers to the fact that its underneath investment strategies are mainly quantitative (based on pre-defined rules that could be automated) versus qualitative (human judgment).

The QuantIndex is currently piloted.  Investors interested to manage their investments based on TQI’s principles will be able to have access to the Buy and Sell signals.

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