TQI as an Investment Strategy

Although you can’t invest directly in an Index such as TQI, it is possible to replicate all the transactions made by TQI.  Changes to TQI are communicated through a Newsletter and it is your full responsibility to make the transactions in your own brokerage account.

Key steps to replicate TQI:
  1. Consult your financial advisor to ensure replicating TQI is consistent with your risk profile and personal objectives
  2. Open a margin account with a discount broker such as Interactive Brokers, thinkorswim, MB Trading, TradeStations, TD AMERITRADE, Questrade (Canada), etc
  3. Review Index changes and execute buy and sell decisions as deemed appropriate in your brokerage account. Changes will be communicated via email on a monthly basis for the ETF Momentum and Hyper-Growth strategies.  Micro-Trading buy and sell signals can be obtained through a third party.
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